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Citizens Bank Park has it all-what a great stadium!

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DSC04077.JPGWe had a chance to make a road trip to see a couple of stadiums back east.  Unfortunately we were in town for only a few days because we had to hop on a cruise ship to hit Bermuda.  We went to Camden Yards and saw the Red Sox beat the Orioles and we watched the Phillies get beat by the Marlins.  The Phillies were unfortunately starting their slide-so we didn’t witness a start to the rally that should have been.  We even hit the Rocky Steps! 


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DSC04044.JPGIf anyone likes to eat, the stadium has it all!  I’m a porker, so I tested everything out.  When we were at Camden Yards, a local fan said that we needed to try Schmitters (sp?) out.  They have some awesome sandwiches.  I waited in line for a Philly Cheese Steak and of course hit the “Bull’s BBQ!” 

DSC03994.JPGThe Ball Girls are very fan-friendly.  They asked where we were sitting because they wanted to score us some baseballs.  What a nice welcome!  I was wearing my Richie Ashburn T-Shirt too.  Philadelphia is an awesome place to visit.  Everyone was very friendly and the transit system works well…very impressed.


Greg Luzinski-Bull’s BBQ….great food!